About Us

Who Are We?

We are North Wales Roller Derby. Put in very simple terms, we are a flat-track roller derby league based in Flintshire, North Wales. Our team is made up of talented skaters, referees, non-skating officials (NSOs) and committee members who all contribute to the league and allow us to participate in roller derby, not just across the UK, but across the world.

The Great Merge

Our league started out, not as one league, but two. North Wales Roller Derby was formed in 2011 and started bouting in 2014. As NWRD started hip-checking its way onto the scene, Sons of Icarus Men’s Roller Derby found its feet and was founded in May 2014, beginning to bout in 2015. We may have been different league but we were always supporting one another, ensuring each had additional trainers, officials and audience members. In 2016, the decision was made to merge into a single league, and in July 2017 the merge and rebrand were complete.


We are UKRDA affiliated and are working towards our WFTDA and MRDA accreditations as well. We are competing in both Men’s British Champs and Women’s British Champs. As a league that brings people from a very wide area, it brings us great pride to be large enough and secure enough as a league to pursue these accreditations and competitions.

The Teams

We have three teams: Womens A Team, Women’s B Team and our Men’s Team. Despite what the names may initially suggest, we are a fully gender inclusive team, following WFTDA and MRDA rulesets that ensure non-binary, trans or people of any gender identity are welcome to join our team and play derby. We work hard to ensure we are a welcoming space for all LGBTQIA+ people and work hard to ensure we are allies too.


Our team is also adapting to those with physical restrictions, such as deafness, and works hard to ensure we support those who have experienced injury. We’re developing a support system for those who live with mental illness and want to become a sports league that welcomes all people, whatever their struggles, foibles or idiosyncrasies, to a team that can let them become their own hero.

Our Community

As a league, we will always strive to make roller derby a sport and a community that upholds the core values of respect and inclusivity. We are ever growing and change with every person that steps through our doors and every team we face on track. And we would absolutely love it if you’d join us one day.