Skate With Us

North Wales Roller Derby has three teams of skaters and a New Skater training programme; this allows us to cater to a wide variety of skill levels, from people who have never worn roller skates in their life, to experienced players that play roller derby at international level. So, if you’re interested in joining us on eight wheels, we definitely have something to suit you. If you’d like to join us as a New Skater, we have intakes throughout the year, and if you’re interested in transferring to us, we’re always happy for new people to join us.

Because we have such a large number of people and such a massive range of skill levels to work with, we have developed a system that helps to make sure you’re skating with people at the right level.

Here’s a breakdown of all four groups at NWRD:

New Skater Team

The New Skater Team is our friendly training ground where we’ll help you learn all the skills you need to play the game. You don’t need any experience to join, just the will to learn.

Training is split into six levels that take you from the basics, all the way through to quick laps and how to safely engage in full contact. You complete these skills at your own pace and we have a diverse training team that will work with you to help nail those skills and gain confidence on skates. We’re always available for advice, whether you want to know the best kit to get, how the game works, or how you can get your feet to do the thing you’re struggling with.

The New Skater Team is entirely inclusive and is open to anyone over the age of 18, of any gender and of any experience level.

WFTDA (Women’s) B-Team

The WFTDA B-Team is designed for non-male identifying skaters, so if you are female or non-binary, this is the team you’ll join once you’ve passed all of your skills.

The B-Team is where you’ll find a wide range of experience levels, from those that are newly passed to intermediate skaters looking to move up to the A-Team. The B-Team is well-known for being a welcoming group and is always developing their skills and tactics. If you’re less experienced, you’ll be able to learn from your new teammates, but if you’ve got a few games under your belt, there’s plenty of skaters that will challenge you. Most bouts for our B-Team are at a Tier 4 level.

WFTDA (Women’s) A Team

The WFTDA A Team is designed for non-male identifying skaters, so if you are female or non-binary and are an intermediate or advanced skater, this is the place for you.

The A-Team competes in British Champs at a Tier 3 level and in 2018, placed top of Tier 3 West, and have set their sights on Tier 2 in the very near future. The A-Team is filled with passion and dedication for the sport which helps inform the tactics and training for the B-Team as well.

The A-Team is a friendly and fun team to train with, and offers a great opportunity for intermediate and advanced skaters to push themselves and play some incredible games of roller derby.

MRDA (Men’s) Team

The MRDA Team is designed for non-female identifying skaters but is also open to intermediate and advanced non-male identifying skaters. If you’re male, this is the team you’ll join after passing skills. The restriction on non-male identifying skaters is due to this team playing at Tier 3 British Champs level, similar to the WFTDA A-Team.

The Men’s Team came second in British Champs Tier 3 North in 2018 and also took second place at British Champs Playoffs, with their final game broadcast on BBC Sport. They’re setting their sights on gold and Tier 2 in the near future.

The Men’s Team contains all levels of skill from newly passed skaters to advanced as there is currently only one men’s team in the league. Because of this, there is brilliant support of every skater’s development and the team is known for being warm and welcoming.


I don’t know what roller derby is, can I join?

Yes. A lot of people hear about roller derby and would like to try it but don’t really know anything about it. At New Skater Intakes, we’ll show you examples of skating and of the game itself, so you can start to see if it’s something you’d like to be part of. We really do mean it when we say “no experience necessary”.

What if I can’t skate?

We can teach you. You don’t need any experience to join us because we have a team dedicated to teaching people the skating skills to play the game, and even more people to help you learn the rules and tactics.

I don’t have any roller skates, can I still join?

Yes, we have spare kit we can loan you so you can skate with us without paying out for kit. However, we can only do this for about 4 or 5 sessions as we have limited kit. After that we can help you find the ideal starter set for you and give you advice on where and how you can find it at the best prices.

What if I’m unfit?

A lot of people who play roller derby didn’t get along well with other sports or exercise, so we’ve seen a lot of different fitness levels. As long as you’re willing to try and are having fun, your fitness will improve. We also encourage you to do other types of exercise that will help your body cope with the demands of skating. If you have some real concerns about your fitness, please contact us to find out more and speak to your doctor about your concerns as well.

I’m under 18, can I join?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a junior team in our league, so we can’t have anyone under 18 skate. It is something we are exploring, but don’t have any plans for a junior league in the near future. If you’re interested in other types of skating there are artistic skating clubs in the local area that might suit you.

I’m an experienced skater, can I transfer to your league?

Yes, we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in transferring to us. We might ask for confirmation of you being skills passed from your previous league if you’re a newer skater, and if you’re more experienced, we’ll have a trial period where we will assess which team would best suit your abilities. You’re also welcome to come and join in a few sessions before committing to joining to see if we suit what you’re looking for.

How much is it to join?

As a skater, you’ll need to pay monthly subs of £25. This cost goes towards the hiring of halls for training and events, and on a number of other admin costs. We also put it towards boot camps and training to help further the team.