Volunteer with Us

Volunteer with us

We always need volunteers to help make our public events happen; just like officials, volunteers are an extremely important part of North Wales Roller Derby. We know we’d be lucky to have you on our team, but just what does volunteering with us mean for you?

Volunteering could mean manning a stall, keeping us running to schedule or repairing the track during games. It doesn’t stop there, it could be arranging a team social activity or organising a collection for a local charity or food bank. As a volunteer, you can build up experience of handling money, organising groups of people or baking for our cake stall – all really important tasks that help us run events smoothly but also things you can pop on a CV.

But forgetting the jobs for a second, becoming a volunteer with us means meeting a friendly and diverse group of people you can socialise with and who will introduce you to the roller derby community – what a bonus!

Volunteer Roles

Volunteering with us can many forms and many different levels of commitment, so below we explain just a few common roles volunteers might take on.

Manning a stall

We usually have a help desk, cake stall, raffle/tombola and merchandise stall at our events. Running these are fun and social and require handling money. They also mean you get a good view of the game so you can enjoy watching it in between helping people choose which new NWRD t-shirt they want to sport.

Track repair

The roller derby track is laid out using heavy duty tape with rope in the middle. It’s designed to be highly visible to players and the rope allows them to feel with their wheels if they have gone out of bounds. Therefore it’s essential we keep it stuck down and safe throughout games. Due to how the game is played it can be damaged, which is where you come in. Fixing the track in the time between jams with your eagle eye and a trusty roll of duct tape.

Time Lord

Not the one with the blue box, but this does need to be someone exceptional. Time Lord is the person who makes sure everyone knows what happens when and where on event days. It’s unlikely something you could just straight in to, but if you’re up for the challenge, we have several experienced people who can help you learn.

Committee roles

To help the league run properly we have a committee with many members of the league give their time to. For some, they learn something new, for others, they contribute skills they already have. If you are passionate about helping to keep NWRD running, then we’d be more than happy to have your talents behind the scenes. This could be sponsorship, design, photography, or merchandise – we have a lot of cogs in our league machine!


Do I have to be a skater to become a volunteer?

Not at all. We do strongly encourage every skater to volunteer and help with events, so a lot of the volunteers you meet will also skate with the league, but we also have friends and family of skaters that want to support their loved ones and have never touched skates in their life. So, if you’re interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please let us know how you’d like to help and we’re positive we’ll have a few tasks we need help with.

Can I help with just one event?

Yes, of course. We need help throughout the year and know that everyone has busy lives, so if you’d like to be involved but can only help on one day of our calendar, then that’s fine. If you are associated with another league coming to our venue and are interested in helping, then your league should have a list of positions where help is required.

Do I need to learn anything to be a volunteer?

Maybe. This depends on what experience you already have. Most roles will require basic money handling and a little customer service experience, but as long as you’re friendly and are alright at maths, you’ll get along fine. Other roles, such as Time Lord or committee roles might require you to show what relevant experience you have or explain what you’d be willing to learn and how. We’re happy to help people grow into roles wherever they can, so even if you’ve not done something before, we might be able to help you gain the skills to do it.

Do I have to pay subs to volunteer?

No. Volunteers can become part of our league without paying anything. You’re donating your time to us and that’s more than enough. We would love it if you became involved in other ways, such as officiating, reffing or skating, but don’t worry if that doesn’t suit you, we’ll find the perfect position for you.

Will I get paid to volunteer?

No. We’re a small local sports team that only uses subs to pay for events, training space and other costs related to running the league. We don’t offer any paid positions anywhere in the league, but on game days you’ll get a cake voucher, gratuitous thank yous and probably a few high fives.

I have an injury or am disabled, can I volunteer?

Yes. If you are injured or disabled there are plenty of roles that would suit you and we’d be more than happy to have you volunteer with us. If you’re unsure whether we can cater for your needs, please contact us, but most events take place in accessible spaces anyway.